Friday, May 23, 2014

Hello there blog readers! I am so sorry that I have been lacking with the blog posts since I have been back in beautiful sunny California.  It's so hard to get away from all the things that I've missed since I have been away at school.  It is so nice coming home to a place where most people call their vacation spot.  I mean how can I not be so in love with this place. ------------------->

Speaking of vacations, I want to take time to honor our veterans because that is what this weekend is for.  Most people take the time to BBQ with friends or have a big pool party, but just remember that there is a reason that we have a day off from work and why many people are mourning on this day.  That being said, this weekend I will be working my first wedding as an intern with WINK! Weddings.  I could not be more excited as I have already gained so much experience of a big company in such a small amount of time.  A lot of people have made it a trend to have weddings on holiday weekends.  There are many pros to this but one of the main ones is that out of town guests are able to travel to and from the wedding without missing work or their kids missing school.  This is a big deal for most people that do not get a lot of vacation days.  Unfortunately, there will also be cons with this as well.  Many families have traditions for weekends like this, for example Memorial Day or Fourth of July.  Hopefully most of your friends would not mind missing an annual event for a one in a lifetime event, like your wedding, but you never know.  Personally, I think that a wedding on a long weekend would be a winner, but people have their room to argue.  Feel free to leave comments below with your thoughts on having weddings on long holiday weeekends.  
For now, I will leave you, but I promise I will update you after my first wedding this weekend at the Beverly Hills Hotel!  XO

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