Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Caitlin + Ryan Engagement Session : Europe Edition

  This here is Caitlin and Ryan.  They may look like an ordinary couple, but they are so much more.  Ryan has been a friend to my family for over 20 years! Isn't that crazy?! Ryan and Caitlin got engaged this past March on Ryan's friend's island, which is a story in itself.  They live in Philly together and are planning to get married next fall.  And guess who is taking their wedding photos?! Yeah, this girl right here!! I am so excited to be apart of their planning process and big day.  This couple means so much to me and I love them oh so much! These engagement pictures were just a few snapshots that we got while on the Baltic Sea in Europe.  Our families all joined together for a huge Europe trip in June.  It was so fantastic!

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